Piazza Sempione is a prêt-à-porter brand that was founded in Milan in 1991 and which reflects elegance and contemporary style by combining innovation with the tradition of Italian tailoring. The company seeks out the very best materials and has the highest standards of craftsmanship. Piazza Sempione’s approach is rooted in the values of elegance and quality, which have always characterised the brand’s products, communications and distribution. With its essential and refined style, designed for women who use what they wear to help project an identity, Piazza Sempione is a brand that is linked to the culture and excellence of Italian manufacturing and craftsmanship. The collections are broad and versatile and meet the various needs of today’s world; they range across all clothing categories, starting from the brand’s core business, TROUSERS, to a total look that includes coats, shirts and knitwear. Piazza Sempione is committed to allowing its dynamic, creative drive to develop – without ever betraying its DNA – diversifying and enriching its product line with increasingly modern and sophisticated designs, in a harmonious and balanced rhythm between the classic and the contemporary.


Sophisticated, self-assured, eclectic. A Piazza Sempione woman stands out because of her measured, timeless elegance, and loves to introduce beauty into every aspect of her life. Hers is a personal, distinctive style, the product of a series of small touches of luxury, such as the clothes that she chooses to reflect her character. She is a cosmopolitan woman, cultured and ironic who plays with her wardrobe freely, and spontaneously, daring to use unusual, non-traditional touches.

She loves lines that appear simple but are extremely skilfully produced, because they are enriched by details that one only notices after careful observation or when wearing the clothes, with the same attention Piazza Sempione pays to every cut and detail of its fabric.


A plastic-free company for a number of years, when it comes to selecting fabrics and fibres in creating its collections, Piazza Sempione pays special attention to the fundamental rules for protecting the planet. Eco-sustainability certification, provided by the producers of raw materials through the use of GRS and GOTS, adds further protection. The GRS, or Global Recycled Standard, recognises the crucial importance of recycling in the growth of a sustainable production and consumption model; it aims to promote a reduction in the consumption of resources (virgin resources, water and energy) and an increase in the quality of recycled products. The GRS scheme includes the statement of a declaration of environmental commitment verified by a third party to provide proof of:
. the use of recycled materials in products (both in-process and finished products)
. respect for environmental and social criteria at every stage of the production cycle.
GOTS, the Global Organic Textile Standard, is the most widely recognised international standard for organic fibres, and is backed by independent certification of the entire textile production and supply chain. Having a common standard means that companies that produce and use textiles can export fabrics with a single organic certification that is accepted in all of the main markets. This transparency enables consumers to choose products that are genuinely organic, that come from green supply chains. Piazza Sempione also follows 3R environmental principles in the design of its collections: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
Reduce: use fewer resources and thus create less waste. It is the first, and most important step in an environmentally-responsible approach.
Reuse: using materials more than once in their original state, rather than throwing them out after each use.
Recycle: this means converting waste materials into new products, changing them from their initial form. Recycling helps stop new resources being used, and prevent old materials from entering into the waste stream.